Philippine Sunset


The beaches in Puerto Galero give great opportunities to catch both sunrise and sunset. This photo was taken a little after the sun came up. A nice cup of coffee, the breeze from the bay and the waves lapping against the shore make you want to do nothing but sit there all day.

Badladz Resorts

Badladz Adventure Resort

The last few days I have been staying at Badladz Adventure Resort and Badladz Beach Resort in Puerto Galera, Philippines. Owners Sean and Mylene Cooney have put together two great locations for travelers to Puerto Galera that cater to both the diving crowd and those that just want to get away and relax. [Read more…]

Jeepney Art


What began as converting old US Jeeps into economical mass transit has now turned into one of The Philippines iconic symbols. The various Jeepneys seen around the country can go from the plain to the elaborate. [Read more…]

Guitars, Leather Belts and Viagra


Manila Tout

If you have done much traveling you have undoubtedly come upon touts. You know those guys that hit you up every time you  go to any tourist attraction. They want to sell you cheap souvenirs or that amazing antique that has a made in China sticker on the bottom of it. The Philippines is no different except the touts are hanging around anywhere that westerners stay or travel to. I see the same guys every day selling the same things and every day I say no. These guys approach one, two or four at a time. You can see them coming at you, dodging taxi’s racing to get to you. Even when you wave them away or say no when they approach they still give their pitch. Say no to the pitch and you get one more pitch. Who trained these guys, Zig Zigler?

Like I said, I see the same ones every day. They try to sell me leather belts, tennis shoes, sun glasses, stun guns, laser pointers, bamboo whistles and even guitars. Of course there is the Viagra/Cialis guy.  Not that I would ever, ahem, you know have a need for such a product. But if I did I wouldn’t buy  it from some guy standing in the street next to a dry cleaners. For all I know it is horse tranquilizer from China.

I try to be nice, I really do. No thanks, sorry no, not today. I have no need. But after walking a block and getting hit up 8 times I just want to tell the Viagra guy to take it himself so he can go and, well let’s say make his own happy ending to himself.

If you stay here long enough it goes from being comical to annoying to irritating to a point where you make it a game with what comebacks you can return to the various sales pitches.

Leather belt Sir? No thanks I like my pants dropping down my ass. Guitar? Nope, got any pianos? Watch sir? I have Rolex. Nah looking for a pocket watch, go find me one and come back. Then out of the corner of my eye I see him coming, dodging traffic as he crosses the street, arm extended, yep the Viagra guy. Unlucky number 8, get ready to get blasted buddy.

Manila Skyline


Photo of the skyline in Makati Philippines on a untypically clear day.