Crime -Laptop theft

The Number 1 Way to Ruin Your Trip

  Whether it is travel for business or pleasure being the victim of crime can ruin your trip. With people carrying their laptops with them everywhere they go it could not only ruin your trip but turn your life upside down for a long time.

Restaurant Kosovska Vecera

My Encounter with a Smashed Chicken

Smashed Chicken? That doesn’t sound at all appealing.

Bathroom Scout

Must Have Android Travel Apps Part 2

In an earlier post I talked about the 10 must have Android travel apps. This is part 2 of the article and will highlight 10 more apps that travelers will find useful.

Travel Stories

Frugal Travel Guy

More Great Travel Blogs

In my ongoing effort to bring you great blogs I have 3 more for you. I try to add 2-3 every week or so. Some are well known some maybe not but these are blogs I enjoy and hope you do too. Frugal Travel Guy Rick Ingersoll and his wife have traveled to over 60 […]


The White House

Turning Down Lunch at The White House

I recently turned down lunch at The White House.  Not that I didn’t want to go but I had just eaten 15 minutes earlier.

Travel Tips


5 Common Mistakes Tourists Make and How To Avoid Them

Every year people save in order to take that one memorable trip. Whether it’s a one week or a one-month trip you want to make the most of it without any glitches. Unfortunately something usually goes wrong and it can be anything from a small inconvenience to something that can totally ruin your trip. The […]


Five Travel Accessories You Don’t Have to Pack, But Why Wouldn’t You?

You don’t have to pack these travel accessories on your trip but why wouldn’t you? They don’t take up much room in your luggage and they make things a lot easier. How many times have you been packing and you start to put that tube of toothpaste in your carry on only to stop and […]

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Classis cars

Tats and Tires

Some people like tattoos, some classic cars and some motorcycles. Then there are those that like all three.

Bantayan Island Philippines Old Houses

Friday Photos – Old Houses

I look for interesting and unusual things to photograph when traveling and I recently saw these old houses on a trip. The photos were taken on Bantayan Island in the Philippines. These old houses were built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and belonged to some of the more wealthy and politically powerful people […]