Live and work from anywhere

A Guide To Working On The Road

  I recently wrote a review on how to become location independent. A lot of people emailed wanting to know more about how to afford this kind of lifestyle.

Antonio Guest House Ohrid Macedonia

Why I Dislike Hotels

For many reasons I dislike hotels. When I decided to take a road trip to Lake Ohrid Macedonia I checked online to see what the hotel prices were. The last few years I have tried to stay away from hotels, preferring instead to rent a condo or apartment.  

Manila Bay skyline

Manila Bay

There is an ongoing war of sorts in the Philippines regarding Manila Bay.

Travel Stories

Crowded Airport

The Great Airfare Scheme

Airline travel in the US is not a service industry. In a service industry companies are competitive and attempt to do what they can to attract and keep customers. A restaurant or Hotel that continually raised prices, gave poor service and didn’t care what their customers thought would be out of business pretty quick.


Manila Restaurant

Beating the heat in Manila

I originally wrote a short note about this place but since my last trip I thought I would expand just a little.   My last trip was to the Philippines and I stayed in Manila for awhile. Every time I am in Manila for any length of time and need a place to just relax […]

Travel Tips

airline booking

The Ultimate List of Airfare Booking Sites

Travel would be much more enjoyable if it weren’t for having to book a flight and put up with the actual flying part of the trip.

Photo courtesy of  Privé Access via Flickr

How To Score A Great Airline Seat

Are you tired of crappy airline service, long lines, flight delays and people who give the impression they could care less?

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Bus Photo

Photo: They Must Be Pretty Smart

  All I can say is they must be pretty smart kids.

Classis cars

Tats and Tires

Some people like tattoos, some classic cars and some motorcycles. Then there are those that like all three.