Bantayan Island

Island Life

Every once in while you find a hidden gem, an island where there are not many tourists and you can experience the true island life. I have traveled around a lot in the Philippines and have been to some pretty neat places but when I decided to visit Bantayan Island off the coast of Cebu […]

Greek Beach

Why Most People Will Never Travel.. But Should

  Most People will never travel to the exotic and beautiful places seen in the magazines.

all inclusive resort pool

All Inclusive Vacations On The Rise

All inclusive vacations as a market are expected to grow through 2017.

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The Reasons I Advocate Volunteer Work Exchanges

There are the obvious benefits of free (or deeply discounted) lodging and food. These are terrific benefits, though in truth you are working, in some places harder than others for them. There are other benefits which are far greater and valuable.



Exploring the World Heritage sites of Greece

Many civilizations have left their mark on Greece over the years and it’s this legacy that continues to spark the imagination and bring in travellers from across the globe to its sun-blessed shores.

Travel Tips

airline booking

The Ultimate List of Airfare Booking Sites

Travel would be much more enjoyable if it weren’t for having to book a flight and put up with the actual flying part of the trip.

Photo courtesy of  Privé Access via Flickr

How To Score A Great Airline Seat

Are you tired of crappy airline service, long lines, flight delays and people who give the impression they could care less?

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Bus Photo

Photo: They Must Be Pretty Smart

  All I can say is they must be pretty smart kids.

Classis cars

Tats and Tires

Some people like tattoos, some classic cars and some motorcycles. Then there are those that like all three.